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Musings on a long-held pipe dream

Trailer rides. Simples.

This week I’ve been trying to find out whether there’s local demand for a service combining organised childcare with guided runs and bike rides. It’s no secret I’m a bit of a running obsessive, and occasionally my bike also gets a look-in on Strava. Juggling a physical need for exercise with parenting, (copywriting, and a newfound Twitter addiction), is no mean feat though, and I find myself reflecting on the life-change that was ‘becoming a parent’…

My parenting friends often talk about how unfit they feel, how they’d love to exercise more but struggle to find a) the time and b) the motivation. Their comments resonate – I remember a faint sense of finality when my first child was born; the gradually dawning, reluctant realisation that I’d have to adjust, for the foreseeable future, to a less active lifestyle than the one to which my pre-children, time-rich self had become accustomed.

I look back now and wonder, why the gradual dawning? Didn’t I have nine months in which to prepare myself? Didn’t I in fact, have several years before that, of watching older friends and family members become parents, and the corresponding lifestyle change from active and sociable to time-poor and sleep-deprived, which took place literally overnight?

I was, I confess, stationed firmly in Camp Denial, during my first pregnancy. The scale of the upcoming change was too monumental to contemplate, so I didn’t bother. I’d made the most of being child-free I told myself, from late night drinking to adrenalin-filled holidays in far-flung locations. I’d handle whatever this next chapter threw at me no problem.

What I hadn’t got my head around though (and sometimes still struggle to ‘embrace’, three kids and almost nine years later), is the sheer relentlessness of parenting. And even those who claim to appreciate, ahead of time, the reality of the forthcoming, full-scale assault on their lives - even they don’t really get it.

Don’t get me wrong (here’s the disclaimer). I love the socks off my heartbreakingly-lovely-yet-frequently-maddening kids, and (try to) thank my lucky stars for their existence every day. It’s just made it tough to fit in the other stuff I like doing too.

In the end I took to buggy running and towing a trailer behind my bike as a means of getting exercise while looking after small people. But I know that buggy running and trailer-towing aren’t for everyone – few parents are that desperate.

So a service that combines reliable childcare with the opportunity to go outside and get some exercise, in a supportive and encouraging environment, seems like a good idea to me. Child-free time? Check. Motivation? Let me be your guide! I’m passionate about exercise and the huge benefits it brings to both physical and mental wellbeing. I would love to help others reap these rewards - we all feel better after exercise (eventually). Interested? Get in touch!